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– in the form of an economic, ecological and social return – can benefit and grow. This is what we stand for!

For people, your livestock and our environment

JBMC Inc is a Swiss company

Slurry acidification plants

Slurry acidification plantsThe principle is to lower the pH value of the slurry as quickly as possible – so right after the dejections in the barn. This means that the enzymes contained in the feces can no longer break down the urea. On the one hand, this results in immediate nutrient recovery and, on the other hand, a long-term and efficient reduction in odor and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our acidification systems enable you to obtain specific investment aid for “structural measures” as well as for “realizing ecological goals”.


The technology of our processing plants – in which raw slurry or fermentation residues from methanation plants are acidified – was developed and patented in Denmark and other Northern European countries a decade ago. These have always been expanded and further developed and enable their use today – here in the country – specifically in the production of two animal species:

Cattle farming and
Pig farming


Carbon prestressed concrete is the versatile construction material of the modern age. At equal bearing
capacity, CPC concrete slabs are thinner, weigh less and thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions in their manufacture. The carbon prestressed concrete slabs, which can be used unsupported up to a span of ~18.0m and do not require a building permit, have proven themselves particularly in terms of durability and environmental friendliness.

A simple, ecological and clean solution for covering slurry endstorage silos. Without pillars, no fresh concrete, immediately accessible and maintenance-free!


High roofs for tower silos – so constructions made of PVC-coated polyester fiber with a central support also coated in duplex – are mounted on the crown of concrete silos poured in place, concrete elements or of steel repositories. Tower silo roofs, made of high stable materials and able to be used up to a span of ~40.0m prove to be rot-proof and very resistant to corrosion.
A simple, economical and clean solution for covering slurry endstorage silos. Without fresh concrete, without major logistics and transport costs up to the assembly and maintenance-free!



Prestressed hollow-core-ceiling concrete elements are a variant of reinforced concrete with pre-tensioned wire strands. Building with prestressed hollow-core-ceiling concrete elements is characterized as being unsurpassed in terms of economy and enables every farmer to quickly cover a slurry store that is still open.
These elements can be used up to a span of ~20.0 m and do not need any building permit.
A simple, economical and clean solution for covering slurry endstorage silos. Without pillars, no fresh concrete, immediately accessible and maintenance-free!


Do you actually know why you can position yourself so well on the market with JBMC Inc?

Because we are the most experienced experts in slurry acidification systems and – in addition to maximum efficiency – we can enable you to achieve a significant increase in benefit and profitability on your farm!

Most of the over 260 successfully implemented processing plants for slurry and digestate, which our partner companies have set up so far in 12 different countries, are now among the most profitable companies in the respective regions and agricultural production sectors in which they are operated.

JBMC Inc has been working since 2020 in close collaboration with the best engineers as well as with the most experienced organizations and companies in the world. The latter have – in addition to their patented technologies and their own production facilities – more than a dozen years of experience in the acidification of slurry (at barn and spreading level). For Swiss farmers – who benefit from such an installation – this means a significant and extremely relevant gain when it comes to real concept and product quality of the installations. A prerequisite for achieving this quality performance is also a unique network of international experts and experienced companies, which we at JBMC Inc have built up over many years.

JBMC Inc, together with their manufacturers, dealers and service partners, is able – thanks to unique innovative approaches and market experience – to produce intelligent and exclusive product developments for the Swiss market. Since our agricultural sector is affected by global warming and also is under high economic pressure, it is conceivable that our systems could offer an attractive and sustainable solution for certain agricultural businesses.

JBMC Inc, headquartered in Gisikon LU, is a global development and distribution company that has set itself the task of designing exclusively sustainable environmental technology solutions for cattle and pig farmers through targeted and intelligent product-development of process-technologies. These processing plants are – for farmers – and together with experienced and independent dealerships and local maintenance agencies, serviced and monitored on a long-term run.

For people, your livestock and our environment!