Agri-photovoltaics – also called agrivoltaics or agri-PV – refers to the installation of highly elevated and translucent photovoltaic systems on agricultural land. Such Agri-PV systems enable efficient dual-use in berry and fruit crops by intelligently combining weather protection and ecological electricity production on the same plot.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the development and implementation of such projects, our Agri-PV systems are adapted to any farm and site conditions, so that resource-saving …



  • Long-term stable weather protection against sunburns, frost, heavy rain, hail and gusts of wind

  • Increase farm income Thanks to very high energy production on the farm’s usable area (max. land use efficiency).

  • Better microclimate thanks to protected cultivation under Agri-PV plants as well as resource-saving berry and fruit cultivation (less use of water and pesticides)

  • Receive specific subsidies for renewable energies and lighthouse plants (conditional research contribution, specifically for agri-photovoltaic plants, available from 2023)

  • Term cultivation can be planned due to uniform growth and ripeness of the fruits as well as relief of the “peaks” in the cultivation. Optimal temperatures during heat waves in summer are achieved without additional shading efforts

  • Better climate conditions for farm staff and harvest workers as well as integral possibility to use automated tractor concepts (ATC) here (less work)

  • Ecological and economical alternative to plastic covers (marketing advantages through differentiation from the competition)

  • Foundationless system with short dismantling time (flexible in the use of the land)

A simple, economical and clean solution for covering valuable berry and fruit crops. Without concrete foundations, cleanable from above and below and ready for immediate use! The static construction is absolutely weatherproof and stable for generations. In addition, our Agri-PV systems are characterised by very low operating costs.

There are many reasons to believe that such Agrivoltaic systems – i.e. weatherproof and stable weather protection constructions – will continue to prove to be a good-paying and long-term one-time investment for many farmers.


Sustainable development from which everyone involved
– in the form of an economic, ecological and social return – can benefit and grow. This is what we stand for!

For people, your livestock and our environment

The Agri-PV plants are developed in CH, E.U & the USA


It is widely known that light energy can only be used once. So there is no magic here for our plant systems either! The question that intelligently arises here is whether it would not make sense to make use of the surplus light irradiation in berry and fruit cultures and convert it into farm income by means of Agri-PV. The unique synergy formed here between food production and energy generation is absolutely groundbreaking for a successful realisation of our energy transition.

Our Agri-PV plants – individually adapted to the cultivation requirements – are technical …


Well suited for protected cultivation under Agri-PV plants are aggregate fruits such as raspberries and blackberries as well as real berries such as red currants, blueberries, jostaberries and aronia berries. It is important to remember that with Agri-PV systems, soil-independent crop management (i.e. in intensive agricultural zones) will always produce a more successful harvest – in terms of volume, flavour and shelf life – than those from soil-dependent cropping systems. The reason for this can be explained as follows: 

At our latitude, plug plants as well as cuttings (young plants after their propagation) need the …